NaOClean Generators produce an active Sodium Hypochlorite solution that sterilizes and disinfects quickly. The process uses only tap water and salt. Therefore there are no harmful chemicals needed or created. NaOClean Solution is harmless to you and your skin. It’s a cleaning solution that you can directly pour down the drain and NOT have to worry about it harming the environment or break any sewage regulations.

Sodium Hypochlorite is a fancy name for bleach; however, NaOClean produces a very simple active form. The NaOClean solution is safe enough to use as a hand sanitizer and strong enough to use as a restaurant sterilizer. NaOClean is truly an amazing product.

The NaOClean Disinfecting Solution destroys protein structures around a single cell organism (i.e., bacteria, viruses, and other microbes). These protein structures act as skin to the microorganisms, keeping them together. When the NaOClean Disinfectant Solution comes in contact with the germs, their structure is destroyed. It’s the equivalent of a human encountering something that dissolves our skin. This process does not harm multi-celled organisms (humans, pets, inlaws), making it safe for use and effective as a strong disinfectant.

The NaOClean generator for home use is about the size of a desktop computer CPU. It is designed to fit underneath most sink fixtures. The installation takes minutes to do, and you can have your system going within an hour. The NaOClean Generator even comes with all the necessary parts needed to install, in most cases.

NaOClean generators are not massive. They weigh about 40 lbs and are easy to handle. These machines are built to last, servicing is not an issue either, as

most of the components are easily accessible. Warranty is a full year for parts and service. Fees do apply for shipping, so keep that in mind.

Once installed, the NaOClean generator is easy to use. Fill the salt container with table salt (not Iodinized Salt) and water. Give it a shake to dissolve all the salt and place it back into its slot, and you are good to go.

Technical Information on NaOClean:

chemistry information on NaOClean solution at Live Well Mattress & Furnishing Centres

Here is the link to the full MSDS information on NaOClean solution:

NaOClean MSDS Information Link